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Hi, my name is Lucy!

I was born in France 32 years ago. Life led me to Hanoi, where my son Édouard was born in late September 2015. When I began feeding him solid food at 6 months, it was a challenge — he wasn’t interested in eating, and it was impossible to find a fresh healthy alternative in the city. This led me to start Petit Potage, a fresh, healthy, homemade, baby food menu, prepared daily by me.

Delivered daily to your home – from mom to mom.

Fresh, Healthy, Homemade, baby food, prepared by me


Gerber, Heinz and Hipp baby food was prepared up to two years ago and 10,000 miles away. It’s essentially canned food. Petit Potage meals are made fresh from the best ingredients on the morning of the day we deliver to your door. Which would you rather eat?

Organic & Safe

Anybody can call anything Organic in Vietnam! PGS is the only real Organic label, certifying every link in the supply chain. Most of my ingredients are PGS, chosen whenever available. Others are safe (Vietgap/gahp) or imported. I am working directly with producers to make this reliably better in the future.


I am the last link in your baby food’s supply chain. I lovingly select, purchase, prepare, cook and pack all ingredients myself — because I feed the exact same food to my baby Édouard. I bring all our babies a healthy, delicious and trustworthy alternative to commercial baby food. From mom to mom.


600,000 VND ~ 27 USD/ week

Banana | Apple
Mango | Avocado
Sweet Potato | Carrot
Squash |Green Pea


Carrot & Pea
Banana & Squash
Mango & Sweet Potato
Apple & Carrot

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Our firsties and duos menu is an array of single or two ingredient jars for baby’s first bites. Two 4 oz. jars per day, filled with simple fruit and vegetables, pureed to a creamy smooth consistency.

Baby’s first solid foods inform the palate and help mothers identify possible allergies. That’s why I personally choose only the freshest, PGS-organic, in-season fruit and vegetables. All ingredients are fresh or gently steamed, which means valuable vitamins and minerals are preserved and natural flavours locked in. I prepare them with the utmost care.

Because every baby is different, we offer a choice of sampling 2, 4 or 6 new ingredients per week — simplest first, of course.

Sunday Specials

200,000 VND ~ 9 USD/ order 

Martí’s Mini Veggie Burgers

Baby games

Quinoa, Squash, Carrot, Oat, Onion, Egg, Parsley, EVOO

Martí pays attention while mom prepares for the weekend beach trip. The beach! He feels hungry at the thought of waking up early and playing in the sand with grandma. Let the baby games begin!

Loki’s Rainbow Rice

Groove on

Organic Rice, Zucchini, Carrot, Green Pea, Sweet Corn, Black Olive, Onion, Garlic, Parmesan, EVOO

At the little corner café, Loki vigorously calls the waitress’ attention. She waves back at him smiling and then turns up the music. His parents are glad he’s eating well. Loki loves music and needs lots of energy to  dance!

Max’s Spaghetti & Meat Balls

Little Grand

Australian Beef, Zucchini, Carrot, Onion, EVOO

Max is literally devouring his snack. Today is a special Sunday, because mom’s friends are visiting! He wants to show them how he can already play his new toy piano really well. He knows mom will be proud. Way to go, Maestro!

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Our Sunday Specials lunches are meant to play a small part in making every family’s Sundays… Well… Special! We offer 3 options of healthy finger food for adventurous babies, and a choice of sweet treat. It’s delicious, too: there’s enough for somebody else to enjoy as a snack! The only problem? It’s only available on Sundays!


Sweet Treats

60,000 VND ~ 2.5 USD/ treat 

Poached Pear & Avocado

Quinoa & Banana with Greek Yogurt

Papaya & Orange Juice

Roasted Apple & Cinnamon

Sweet Potato & Apple with Greek Yogurt

Mango with Greek Yogurt

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Sweet treats can be ordered as a complement to any order. They are a small balanced meal in their own right, which can be enjoyed any time of day. Naturally sweet and rich, they provide a healthy and tasty addition to your baby’s day — or yours!


How it works

1. You order

Sign-up for a monthly menu or purchase a single-week delivery. Your order starts shipping on the next Monday or Thursday morning. Sunday Specials are shipped on Sunday morning.

2. I Cook

I prepare baby’s meals with a selection of the safest, freshest, healthiest ingredients available in Hanoi. Meals are nutritionally balanced and prepared free of any artificial additives, preservatives, salt or sugar on the morning of delivery to your home. Baby food should be refrigerated as soon as possible to maintain freshness.

3. We Ship

I personally pack your baby’s meals in microwavable, freezable glass jars. Regardless of your choice of plan, we deliver your baby’s food daily, Monday through Friday, to ensure maximum freshness. Sunday Specials are shipped on Sunday Morning. Shipping fee is 50,000 VND per delivery — waived upon return of the previous package.

4. You feed. I feed.

Your Baby eats our yummy food. Rest assured, my baby eats the exact same thing!


I have subscribed to the weekly menu 7 months ago for my daughter, when she was 8 months at that time. Since then she loves all the delicious food that Lucy is cooking for her every day. The menus are well balanced, tasty and nutritious. Lucy is always available to answer to your special requests and to improve the appetite and the taste of your children during the time, it’s a privilege to have her in Hanoi! I feel very safe to feed my baby with Lucy’s products. It’s definitely the perfect solution when both parents are working (or not!).

Laurence, France

I started ordering Petit Potage when Ruby was around 6 months. I started with the Firsties and then Duos, which was great as I could introduce new foods gradually. Lucy is always very accommodating and flexible with the choices of food I have wanted to order. I now order the weekly menu and am always very pleased and satisfied – as is Ruby! I love that the food is prepared fresh each day, it is beautifully presented and delivered straight to my door. It’s also great value and fantastic that the glass jars are collected and reused. I would recommend Petit Potage to anyone living in Hanoi who would like fresh and wholesome food for their baby.

Tiffany, Australia

When I was down and struggling with my daughter while trying to introduce solids, Petit Potage literally SAVED MY LIFE. Petit Potage is more than just baby food, it’s something ”bigger” that helps you in many ways! I had food for my baby (this relieved the stress of having to make food myself while having a young child) and most importantly, in the loneliest time as a young mum in Hanoi, I found support and gained a friend 🙂

Shalimar, France

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